Pain Meds: Narcotics vs. Medical Marijuana

The January edition of “Men’s Health” magazine published an article discussing the increasing rate of prescription drug related overdoses. In Scioto County, Ohio, accidental overdoses are exponentially growing, and surpassing any other causes of death among men ages 35-54.

Prescribed pain medication is quickly becoming the number one killer, especially opiates such as OxyContin and Morphine. In Scioto County, several pain clinics have opened up to provide the thousands of addicted pain patients with their medication. As doctors continue to prescribe the narcotics, more and more people become addicted. The longer the patients take the medicine, however, the less effective it is and dosages must be increased.

It is not only the opiates and pain medication that are causing the higher rate of deaths among men. As natural risk takers, men are more likely to mix several types of prescription drugs, such as an opiate, a sleeping pill, and a benzodiazepine. This cocktail alone is enough to seriously damage a person’s ability to function. Adding alcohol to the concoction, however, makes it lethal.

With the escalating amount of prescription pain-killer addictions and accidental overdoses, one must question the safety of these easily acquired pills and the alternative and more natural approach to pain relief, medical cannabis. Most people would believe that since the FDA approves prescription narcotics, it makes them safer than marijuana. Yet cannabis is neither addictive or lethal, and provides the same relief for chronic pain.

So, in the long run, what would Americans prefer to see? A growing number of patients becoming addicted to prescription narcotics and accidentally overdosing and dying? Or a growing number of medical marijuana patients, safely and functionally experiencing relief from pain? Set aside the prejudices and look at the facts…

To read more on prescription pain-killers and overdoses, check out “Men’s Health Magazine”:

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