Edible cannabis treats are not a new ticket item, but have caught quite the spotlight since  the legalization of recreational marijuana.  Many of us have experienced what it’s like to eat too much marijuana, and even for the seasoned smoker it can be a very uncomfortable experience!  You may remember back […]

The Incredible World of Edibles

Concentrated cannabis has been around for centuries, most traditionally as hash.  We are now seeing it in other varieties such as ear wax, shatter, and honey oil.  These can be used in many ways from sprinkling on top of flower in your pipe, to being used in a portable vaporizer […]

Dabba dabba doo! What concentrate’s for you!?

As we move forward in this exciting journey of marijuana legalization we are going to see more and more research arising answering questions about the effects of this plant and the medicinal properties it carries.  There are currently 80 known compounds in marijuana, called cannabinoids, which interact with different parts […]

What’s in Your Pot? (Cannabinoids)

According to federal law, NO. Even though marijuana is legal medically and recreationally in Colorado it is still illegal to travel by air with it. Since the TSA is governed by federal law, it is up to the TSA agent whether or not they will allow you to bring it […]

Can you fly with marijuana?